As Pacem Medical Technology, we are developing products in the field of plasma technology with our projects supported by TUBITAK.


Cold Atmospheric Plasma Supported Care System for Oral and Dental Health

Plasma is used in a wide range from disinfection to cancer studies due to its antimicrobial properties thanks to the molecules it contains. We have customized our plasma supported product, which we developed as Pacem, to be used in the treatment of gum diseases in the field of oral and dental health. In this direction, we aim to present the plasma we have created in the plasma source to our users in the steps of preventing / treating the disease by carrying it to the mouth with an electric toothbrush that produces sonic waves. In this way, we want to protect individuals against gum diseases caused by factors such as recurrent smoking, obesity and diabetes, which are seen in more than half of the world's population by providing a more effective cleaning. On the other hand, we aim to reduce the use of antibiotics used during treatment, to prevent the multiple resistance seen in bacteria, to provide treatment by reaching both the harmful bacteria that occur in the mouth and the bacteria that are difficult to remove and are located in the tissue.


Production of Portable Cold Atmospheric Plasma Device for the Treatment of Dermatoses Caused by Ectoparasites in Cats and Dogs

Ectoparasites such as lice, fleas, scabies cause stress, low productivity and anemia in animals. Ectoparasites transmitted by direct contact carry bacterial and viral diseases and cause health problems. Ectoparasites feed on blood, hair and fluff, resulting in irritation, itching, hair loss and anemia in animals.


Within the scope of the project, a portable care and treatment device will be developed that can produce cold atmospheric plasma in two different forms, whose usage area can be changed thanks to its specialized heads, and its use is supported with the help of IoT. This device will not only be used in the treatment of dermatoses caused by ectoparasites in cats and dogs, but will also provide the care of animals with daily use.