Plasma is an ionized gas containing positive and negative ions, excited atoms and molecules, free radicals and UV photons, and is the fourth state of matter.


Plasma was first described by British physicist Sir William Crookes in 1879, and the term "plasma" was first used by the American physicist Dr. It was used by Irving Langmuir in 1929.


Plasma sources used in the field of plasma medicine are cold atmospheric plasma. The temperature of the cold atmospheric plasma created at atmospheric pressure and room temperature reaches a maximum of 45-50 ° C, minimizing the risk of burns during application. The application methods of cold atmospheric plasma are divided into two as direct application and indirect application. The direct application is created between two electrodes called dielectric barrier discharge (DBD), with a dielectric barrier between them.


In health applications, one of the electrodes is usually covered with a glass dielectric material on copper, and the human body is used as the second electrode. Indirect application is carried out by transporting the reactive species and ionized gases formed between two electrodes to the application area with the help of another gas. In addition, this application is called "jet plasma".


Reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (O, O3, OH, H2O2, HO2, NO, ONOOH) formed by the plasma source increase the oxidative stress in cells, affect cancer cells and bacteria and show a selective effect. Thanks to the fact that it does not create oxidative stress in healthy cells, it is used in the health field such as wound healing, cancer treatment, dentistry applications, and it is also used in many biomedical applications such as sterilization, disinfection, surface modification of substances.

According to the design of the plasma source, cold atmospheric plasma is used to remove or inactivate

  • bacteria,

  • fungi,

  • spores and viruses,

  • biofilms,

  • allergen agents,

  • odors formed in processes,

  • dangerous molecules in flow processes.

Thanks to these properties, plasma is widely used in many areas. In this context, Pacem is active in areas such as

  • oral and dental health,

  • wound healing,

  • animal health,

  • medical device sterilization,

  • and hygiene.