Pacem SafeAir Class II Biosafety Cabinet

Biosafety Cabinets that provide personnel, product and environmental protection are ideal for your laboratory.


Fan, UV and lamp on / off can be performed with the touch screen on the front panel, and filter life can be followed.

  • With its scratch-resistant stainless steel working area, it can be cleaned without scratching in liquid spills.

  • It is user-friendly with its ergonomic design and offers a safe working area.

  • Pressure and temperature inside the cabin are measured instantly with temperature and pressure sensors.

  • Thanks to the tempered glass, it provides protection against UV light and provides a comfortable view for the work area.

  • UV lamp offering timed and unlimited usage options for long-lasting use.

  • The device has 2 sockets and 1 gas / vacuum valve, and the device works with 220 V city electricity.